May 24-27 Box Office Predictions, ‘Fast & Furious 6’, ‘The Hangover Part III’, ‘Epic’

I’m certain fans of The Hangover franchise were lost after the second endeavour. It just wasn’t good. I think the die-hard fans are going to run out to see this one. Though, if the skeptics hear significantly poor word-of-mouth, they’ll just skip this. The trailers were actually pretty great, and it seems to make a better attempt at revisiting the great alchemy of dark comedy and mystery. This won’t do nearly as well as the second in its opening weekend, especially up against Fast & Furious 6; but for the Thurs-Mon frame, I think this will earn $71, 350, 000.

Anticipation for Fast & Furious 6 is fierce. Similar movies to this open at an average $32.4 million. I truly believe this has what it takes to hit triple digits. Fast Five grossed $86.198 million in its opening weekend, and since that was great, it’s safe to assume this is going to be great, as well. I’ve been going through the franchise as of late, so I’m really excited about this one. For the Memorial Day weekend, my prediction is $103, 750, 000. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that this won’t win the epic, fast-paced weekend filled with hangovers.

Meanwhile, Epic is in line for a more modest opening. I think it should do fairly well, though, because of a beneficial lack of competition. The Croods is slowly making its way out of the Top 10, and this actually looks very fun. Movies similar to this open at an average of $43. 169 million. I imagine this opening around Rio’s $39.22 million. Out of Blue Sky Studios’ productions, I’ve only seen the first two Ice Age movies and Horton Hears a Who!, and I’ve enjoyed all of those. I think they’re a great studio. I’m pretty excited for this one. The story seems average, but so far on Rotten Tomatoes, no critic has deemed it rotten. That’s sure to change, but that really makes me more excited. And who would want to miss Christoph Waltz voicing one of the main antagonists? I think on the long weekend, thanks to a lack of appealing family fare; this will have a good opening. Though, parents could opt to take their young teens to the new Fast & Furious movie… Anyway, for the long weekend, I predict this movie to open at $42, 300, 000.

1. Fast & Furious 6: $103, 750, 000
2. The Hangover Part III: $71, 350, 000
3. Star Trek Into Darkness: $48, 300, 000
4. Epic: $42, 300, 000
5. Iron Man 3: $23, 895, 000
6. The Great Gatsby: $15, 675, 000
7. Pain and Gain: $3, 000, 000
8. The Croods: $2, 606, 000
9. 42: $2, 075, 000
10. Mud: $1, 940, 000


4 thoughts on “May 24-27 Box Office Predictions, ‘Fast & Furious 6’, ‘The Hangover Part III’, ‘Epic’

  1. 3 films opening which are all relatively big but all in different genres, should be interesting to watch the box office this weekend 😀

    Fast 6 : $90
    Hang 3 : $50
    Epic : $45

    1. Are those predictions just for the three days or the four-day weekend?

      I hope Hangover 3 will make that little even if I’ll be way off, it seriously sucked 😦 You’ll read about my passionate hatred for it tomorrow 😀

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