Filmcraziest Interviews – Ben and Jacob Burghart on their short film Suspense

On this episode of Filmcraziest Interviews, I’m joined by writing and directing brothers Ben and Jacob Burghart, whose short film Suspense (my review here) recently premiered at Fantasia Film Festival with The Block Island Sound.

The film stars Jelani Talib and Robert Coppage III and is written and directed by Ben and Jacob Burghart. It follows an army pilot who finds himself suspended from a canopy of trees above the forest floor by his parachute. After contacting his co-pilot, they realize there’s something stalking them in the dark.

Ben and Jacob Burghart
Ben (left) and Jacob (right) Burghart. (Photo courtesy of their website.)

During the interview, we discuss the use of sound design in the film, the creature, and more, and around 35 minutes the interview turns a bit more casual as we just discuss horror films and films seen at Fantasia. Also, this interview was recorded on August 31st, so the film can no longer be viewed at Fantasia, but the film will be able to be seen at the Mile High Horror Film Festival (Sept. 24-Oct. 4), Boston Underground Film Festival, part of Nightstream (Oct. 8-14), as well as the Australian Independent Film Festival on Sept. 19. here’s a list below at some festivals where the film can be viewed.

Info for their upcoming feature Follow the Leader can be found here. You can listen to the interview below or download it here.


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