Filmcraziest Interviews: Producer Alok Mishra, stars Naomi Grossman and Celeste Sully for their film 1BR

On this episode of Filmcraziest Interviews, I’m joined by producer Alok Mishra, as well as stars Naomi Grossman who plays Janice; and Celeste Sully who plays Lisa for their horror/thriller film 1BR, described by this group as the “little indie that could.”

The film is directed by David Marmor and follows Sarah (Nicole Brydon Bloom), a young woman who moves to Los Angeles to start anew and learns that her neighbours at her new apartment building are not what they seem. The film also stars Giles Matthey, Taylor Nichols, Clayton Hoff, Susan Davis and others. It was released on April 24, 2020 and is now streaming on Netflix in America.

Naomi Grossman
Naomi Grossman/Naomi Grossman as Pepper. (Courtesy of Twitter.)

I can safely say that this is the longest interview I’ve done so far at 95 minutes (five minutes longer than the actual film), as there are some great stories discussed here and a lot of fun conversation. You won’t hear me talking too much as I felt like the special guest on this podcast, just listening to Alok, Naomi and Celeste’s stories.

Celeste Sully
Celeste Sully. (Courtesy of IMDb.)

Discussed in the interview is what genre it falls into on Netflix, whether it’s psychological thriller or horror; Naomi Grossman’s work as an extra in She’s All That; their first experiences getting to Los Angeles; a crazy story where a truck was stolen from the set and in involved in a televised police chase; and a conversation about how the film’s about a community emphasizing selflessness in a city like Los Angeles. I was also able to sneak in an American Horror Story question in for Naomi, too. There’s a lot more discussed here, too!

Also, just a spoiler warning for this podcast, we give warnings on the podcast but the film is best watched with knowing little about it. There’s also a warning for coarse language, too. Anyway, you can listen to the episode below or download it here.


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