Interview: Director Edward Drake for “Cosmic Sin” (The Filmcraziest Show, Podcast/video)

On this episode of my interview podcast The Filmcraziest Show, I was joined by Edward Drake, the writer and director of his latest team-up with Bruce Willis, Cosmic Sin. The film is about seven rogue soldiers who launch a pre-emptive strike against a newly discovered alien civilization in the hopes of ending an interstellar war before it starts.

As well as Bruce Willis, the film also stars Frank Grillo, Adelaide Kane, Brandon Thomas Lee, Corey Large (who also has a writing credit on the film), C.J. Perry, Perrey Reeves, Costas Mandylor and Lochlyn Munro. The film was released on-demand by Saban Films on March 12, 2021.

We chat all about the weapons in the film, our favourite Stephen King novels, what it was like working with Bruce Willis and their continued collaboration, and much more. It’s a fun interview and I’ve included two parts of our conversation below. To listen to the rest of the interview, go here to download it or listen to it below. As well, I’ve included the video version of the conversation on YouTube. 

Cosmic Sin, Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis as James Ford in Cosmic Sin. (Credit: Saban Films.)

Daniel Prinn, Filmcraziest: What was it like designing the Icarus suits?

Edward Drake: Awesome. We looked at a lot of our video game influences and the Jaeger’s from Pacific Rim and there’s a great team out of Atlanta called Hex Mortis led by Rick and Josh Cole and Tony Lee. They came together to create these suits that, when I first walked into the showroom I couldn’t believe they were going to be in my movie. I was blown away. It completely turned my day around.

Did you get to try them on?

ED: Oh, hell yeah. Absolutely. You kidding me?


ED: I walked to Starbucks in one.


ED: One decaf black coffee, please.

What were the reactions on that trip?

ED: [laughs] I played it very straight. Just as though it was what I wore everyday. Atlanta was so not impressed because they have so many productions coming through that they were just like, “Okay, sir, and what was the name for that order?” “Edward.” “Okay, Edwin. Thanks very much. We’ll call you when you’re ready.”

Yeah, we just had Iron Man come in here last week, no big deal.

ED: Yeah they’re just, Thor’s over in the corner. It was funny.

Edward Drake on the name of Bruce Willis’ character, The Blood General:

Daniel: Now, the Blood General. That’s kind-of a cool name, eh?

ED: [laughs] Yeah. There’s a great sci-fi series called the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown… Have you had a chance to read it?


I think you might dig it. I would order the first. The last one that just came out, the fifth one, is just the stuff of epic fantasy. It’s incredible. He gives a lot of his characters these nicknames and pseudonyms that are very evocative. I was like, “The Blood General.” Who is that man? So I kind-of came up with the name and then figured out the character from there.

Okay, so the name came before the development in a way?

Yeah, James Ford. The Blood General. The guy that gets it done.

He lives up to the name, I think.

Yeah, there’s very few actors that can be that gruff and silent and nuanced with their performance but Bruce… Especially on a project like this, he wanted to play it straight. James Ford very much doesn’t want to be in this situation but he is here and he’ll do what he can to save the day. And that will mean sacrificing the most important relationship he’s had in his life because that’s who the guy is. He’ll step up at the last minute and do what he needs to do not only for his country, but for his species.

Cosmic Sin is available to stream  online from services like Google Play and YouTube. 


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