Interview: Screenwriters Ann Marie Allison and Jenna Milly, “Golden Arm”

There have been a number of stellar sports comedies over the years – but the underdog stories like Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story have always been my favourite. Adding its name into the ring of sports comedies as a sports and buddy movie mash-up is the new comedy Golden Arm, where the chemistry between stars … Continue reading Interview: Screenwriters Ann Marie Allison and Jenna Milly, “Golden Arm”


Interview: Georgia Waters as Eliza in Freeform’s “Siren” and Rose in “Toys of Terror” (The Filmcraziest Show)

On this episode of The Filmcraziest Show, I was able to talk with Vancouver-based British actress Georgia Waters, where we spoke about her roles on Freeform’s fantasy mermaid show Siren, where she played the role of Eliza in the second and third seasons; as well as her role as Rose in the 2020 horror film Toys of Terror.

Interview: Yutaka Takeuchi as Dave in “Drive All Night” (The Filmcraziest Show)

In my second interview for DRIVE ALL NIGHT, I spoke with actor Yutaka Takeuchi about the surrealism in the film, working as an Uber driver when he came across the script, and being inspired by Will Smith. More here:

Interview: Director Chad Ferrin, stars Gina La Piana and Johann Urb, “THE DEEP ONES”

I was able to chat with some of the team behind the new Lovecraftian horror The Deep Ones, a film that follows Lexi (Gina La Piana) and Petri (Johann Urb), a married couple who rent a beachside Airbnb and learn they’re in over their heads once they meet peculiar neighbours, who are really part of a mysterious cult who worship an ancient sea god. The film is based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and also stars Robert Miano, Silvia Spross and Jackie Debatin. I spoke with the writer/director of the film Chad Ferrin, as well as the film’s two leads Johann Urb and Gina La Piana (who joins in on the conversation at around 17 minutes).

Interview: Harrison Houde, co-creator and director of a new Web-Series, “Stories of Kindness”

This is a different kind-of episode of The Filmcraziest Show, which is always exciting! I was able to chat with the multi-talented actor Harrison Houde (known for such TV shows as Some Assembly Required and films like Diary of a Wimpy Kid), who has also been making YouTube videos since he was a kid. He was able to transfer those skills into being the co-creator and director of a new web series called Stories of Kindness, designed to promote kindness, creativity and storytelling for children in Canada.

My Oscar Predictions (Part 2/2), predicting Writing Categories, Leading Actor and Actress and more

This is the second part of my Oscar Predictions and I made these predictions. These are just how I think these categories will shake out, and in this second part of two prediction articles (Part 1 of predictions can be found here), I’m covering 8 of the 23 categories with the Screenplay categories, Original Song, Cinematography, Documentary, Editing, and the Best Leading categories.

My Oscar Predictions (Part 1, Best Picture, Best Supporting Categories and more)

I figured I’d add to the Oscars discourse with my predictions, as I made these predictions on the Extra Features Podcast on April 11, and these are my predictions from then. These are just my thoughts on every category for the big night, and, to let you know, the images in the article won't always align to what I picked for that specific category. As well, this will be the first part of two articles where I cover 15 of the 23 categories in this first part, including International Film, Best Animated Film, Best Picture, the Supporting Categories, Directing, Production Design, and more... 

Interview: “Beast Beast” with writer/director Danny Madden and leads Shirley Chen, Jose Angeles and Will Madden (The Filmcraziest Show)

Beast Beast is a drama about a trio of thee youngsters whose lives intersect in a Southern town – with the social butterfly Krista (Shirley Chen), the new kid and town and parkour and skateboarding aficionado Nito (Jose Angeles), as well as high school graduate Adam (Will Madden) who is trying to make it big with a YouTube channel educating about firearms. I was able to chat with the team behind the film, including writer/director Danny Madden, as well as the three leads of the film in Shirley Chen, Jose Angeles and Will Madden (who is a frequent collaborator with director and brother, Danny).

Interview: Tony Ahedo, writer, producer and director of “Icon” (The Filmcraziest Show)

Icon is a coming-of-age drama about skateboarder Sam (Parker Padgett), who is struggling with potentially becoming a father with girlfriend Ana (Devon Hales), and he takes a look into himself and his icons that have defined his life. I was able to chat with the writer, director, producer and editor of the film, Tony Ahedo, about his feature debut ICON, where we chat about how personal this story is to him, the visuals in the flashback scenes, and much more.

Shudder Review: Boys from County Hell (2021)

BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL, now streaming on Shudder, is a fun vampire film that doesn't completely bring the belly laughs, but it makes up for it with great horror and interesting characters as they're stalked by an ancient Irish vampire.