Interview: Yutaka Takeuchi as Dave in “Drive All Night” (The Filmcraziest Show)

On this episode of The Filmcraziest Show, I continue my coverage of the neo-noir film Drive All Night, which premiered at Cinequest in March, with my second interview in the series, with actor Yutaka Takeuchi, who plays the lead of Dave in the film. (My first interview in the series with actress Lexy Hammonds can be found here.) I’m releasing these interviews as a build-up towards the next festival stop for Drive All Night as it plays online as part of CAAMFest starting May 13 to May 23.

The film is like a fever dream as the San Jose-set film takes us through a night of adventure as Takeuchi’s Dave starts his night like usual, picking up fares. Tonight, he picks up the mysterious passenger, Cara (Hammonds), who harbors a dark secret, as they drive around without a clear destination, making a number of obscure stops along the way. The film also stars Sarah Dumont, Johnny Gilligan and Natalia Berger and is written and directed by Peter Hsieh in his feature debut.

Yutaka Takeuchi as Dave in Drive All Night. (Photo courtesy of Peter Hsieh.)

In the episode we chat about what it was like filming in the car, how Yutaka was driving for Uber when this script came to him, being attracted to the “strange” script, as well as video games, what it was like working with the team, a story about meeting Will Smith and a conversation about generally missing the theatre experience. There’s more in between. You can listen to the podcast directly below (or go here to download it) or watch the YouTube version of this conversation directly below.

Drive All Nights next festival stop is at CAAMFest starting May 13, where you can watch it online. Be sure to check out the film’s Instagram page or their website as well. Keep an eye out next Thursday for my next interview with the team, with writer/director Peter Hsieh.


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