“American Badger” Interview | Andrea Stefancikova | The Filmcraziest Show

Andrea Stefancikova. (Courtesy of Andrea Stefancikova.)

In American Badger, Dean, nicknamed the Badger (played by Kirk Caouette, who also writes, directs and is the film’s fight choreographer), is a cold-blooded hitman and loner whose latest assignment is to befriend a call girl named Velvet (Andrea Stefancikova). Sparks fly between them as they get to know each other, and then all hell breaks loose when his employers want him to kill her.

On this episode of The Filmcraziest Show, my guest was Andrea Stefancikova who plays Velvet in American Badger. A Vancouver-based actress originally from Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, this is her first action film. In the conversation, we talk about what it was like developing her character and getting into Velvet’s mindset, as well as a companion film called American Velvet that focuses more on Velvet’s story, as well as becoming the character and having some “character hangover,” what parts of herself she brought to the character; working with her brother Milan Stefancik, working with Kirk Caouette for the action scenes and him being from the stunt world, filming in Vancouver and some American favourites. There’s much more in between.

You can find and listen to the conversation directly below, or you can go here to download it. As well, as for when you can check out American Badger, the film will be released on Video on Demand and digital formats on June 15 in the U.S. 

*Podcast music courtesy of bensound.com.


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