“Motherly” Interview | Director, co-writer Craig David Wallace | Blood in the Snow Film Festival

In Craig David Wallace’s Motherly, Kate (Lora Burke) and her daughter Beth (Tessa Kozma) live in an isolated farmhouse in the woods. The atmosphere is quickly eerie; like doors being left open when Kate swears she’s closed them… Then, Kate slowly thinks something sinister is happening, and her motherly instincts are put to the test when people from her past invade her home.  For Motherly, I was able to ask the film’s director and co-writer Craig David Wallace some questions via e-mail in time for the film’s screening tonight on the Super Channel (at 9 p.m.) as part of the Blood in the Snow Film Festival.


“Narco Leap” Web Series Interview | Creator, Director Kate Green | The Filmcraziest Show (Blood in the Snow Film Festival)

In the sci-fi web series Narco Leap, Chelsey Reist plays Kelsey Green, a college student who discovers the extraordinary ability that she can leap into the body of other people during her bouts of narcolepsy. This gift makes her the target of some military espionage. The series also stars Madison Smith, Austin Eckert and Aleks Paunovic. For the series’ second season, I was able to speak with director and series executive producer + creator Kate Green. The web series is now playing tonight (Oct. 30) as part of the Blood in the Snow Film Festival, as it plays tonight on Super Channel in the short film programme “Web Bites.”

“Under Wraps” (2021) Interview | Actor Phil Wright | The Filmcraziest Show

Today on Filmcraziest.com, I was able to interview actor and choreographer Phil Wright about his role as Harold the mummy in 2021's DCOM "Under Wraps," a remake of the first ever DCOM. We talk about remaking the film for a new generation while keeping original fans in mind, the make-up, getting the grunts down and playing Harold.

“The Secret of the Sinchanee” Interview | Director, Writer, Star Steven Grayhm | The Filmcraziest Show

For this interview, I was able to speak with director, writer and actor Steven Grayhm for his new film "The Secret of the Sinchanee." In it, he plays an industrial tow truck driver who returns to his childhood home after his father's death, only to learn a presence is haunting the home and the sacred ground it's built on.

Web-series Review: Tabbar (2021)

For this Filmcraziest.com review, Arpit Nayak takes a look at the Sony Liv web-series "Tabbar," a story about family where one decision puts an ordinary family into a very dangerous situation. Arpit calls it an "exquisite dark thriller, both gripping and engaging." Available in countries like India, UAE, Canada and more.

“When I Consume You” Interview | Writer, Director Perry Blackshear | The Filmcraziest Show

I was able to catch the film as part of the Fantasia Film Festival in August. Recently, for my podcast The Filmcraziest Show, I was able to speak with the film's director, writer, editor, cinematographer and more Perry Blackshear, as I was also joined on the podcast by a friend and guest co-host, Arpit Nayak. You can find When I Consume You playing as part of the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival on Monday, Oct. 18 for an in-person screening and you can find that info right here.

“The Manor” Interviews | Writer/Director Axelle Carolyn; Producers Sandy King, Richard J. Bosner | The Filmcraziest Show

Here's my very last batch of coverage for this year's slate of Welcome to Blumhouse films for the film The Manor. In the film, Barbara Hershey plays a woman named Judith who suffers a stroke and moves into a historic nursing home where she becomes convinced a supernatural force is killing the residents there. The film's now currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. I was able to have two conversations for this film (both of which are audio only). 

“Madres” Interviews with Star Ariana Guerra; Director Ryan Zaragoza | The Filmcraziest Show

Madres is a story about a Mexican-American couple who move to a migrant farming community in 1970s California as they’re expecting their first child. There, strange symptoms and terrifying visions begin to threaten their new family. Now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, it's part of four Welcome to Blumhouse horror/thrillers on this year's slate. I was able to have two conversations for the film, where I was able to speak with Ariana Guerra who plays the lead role of Diana in the film, and I was also able to speak with the film's director Ryan Zaragoza. The conversation with Ariana is audio only and the conversation with Ryan is a video. Find those conversations below...

“Black as Night” Interviews: with Director Maritte Lee Go, Writer Sherman Payne, Actress Abbie Gayle | The Filmcraziest Show

For Black as Night, I was able to have three conversations about the film - with actress Abbie Gayle, director Maritte Lee Go and screenwriter Sherman Payne - and you can find those below.

Nightstream Review: The Greenhouse (2021)

The Greenhouse is mostly a lovely drama with sci-fi elements, and some thrills thrown into the third act for good measure. In the film, daughter Beth (Jane Watt) is still grieving over the loss of one of her mothers; toughest for her since she was the one who stayed back in town with them. When her siblings reunite for their mom Ruth’s (Camilla Ah Kin) birthday, Beth also finds the titular greenhouse, an alternate world that let’s her watch old memories and see her late mom.