Nightstream Film Festival 2021: My Most Anticipated Films

In the festival’s second year, Nightstream is back as a collaborative virtual festival between the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, The Overlook Film Festival, Boston Underground Film Festival, and the North Bend Film Fest, in a return to showcase some of the horror genre.

You can buy badges here, or buy single tickets right here. The festival starts tomorrow, Thursday, October 7 and runs through Wednesday, October 13, and I wanted to plug four films I’m looking forward from the festival, in a programme that includes 25 feature films, two Nightstream Retro selections, four folk horror film selections, about 19 events and 25 short films. Let’s get right into my four most anticipated films…


One of the most memorable films out of the Tribeca Film Festival for me was Ori Sergev and Noah Dixon’s Poser, as a kind-of stalker thriller that celebrates the indie music scene in Columbus, Ohio, as a podcaster immerses herself in the music scene by speaking with artists. Not really one of the more traditional films you’d see in a genre festival but is worth checking out.


Hellbender premiered at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival earlier this year, that seems to very much involve the occult and creepy aspects, it seems like such a neat project, created by a family of filmmakers, with mother Toby Poser, father John Adams and daughter Zelda Adams. I missed this one at Fantasia, and will be aiming to check it out here.

Poser Still 2
Sylvie Mix and Bobbi Kitten in Poser. (Courtesy of Nightstream.)

Nightstream is the latest stop for the comedic documentary Alien on Stage after initially premiering at March’s SXSW. The film is a story about a group of bus drivers in England who come together to put on a stage adaptation of Alien. It sounds amusing and inspiring, and I’m in.


In another documentary, Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest sounds awesome, as a man named Kim Cannon Arm is known for playing the game Gyruss for 49 hours straight with one play. Now, he decides to break his own record and try to reach 100 hours. I’m a big fan of the documentary King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. That’s a great documentary, so I’m not expecting that level of greatness from this film; but if it can shine a light near it, this sounds like a fun watch.

You can find the rest of the festival lineup here, as the festival starts tomorrowWhat are you looking forward to watching?


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