“Narco Leap” Web Series Interview | Creator, Director Kate Green | The Filmcraziest Show (Blood in the Snow Film Festival)

Featured image: Nhi Do, Chelsey Reist and director Kate Green on the set of Narco Leap. (Courtesy of Kate Green.)

In the sci-fi web series Narco Leap, Chelsey Reist plays Kelsey Green, a college student who discovers the extraordinary ability that she can leap into the body of other people during her bouts of narcolepsy. This gift makes her the target of some military espionage. The series also stars Madison Smith, Austin Eckert and Aleks Paunovic.

For the series’ second season, I was able to speak with director and series executive producer + creator Kate Green, and this conversation took place at the earlier T.O. Webfest. The web series is now playing tonight (Oct. 30) as part of the Blood in the Snow Film Festival, as it plays tonight on Super Channel in the short film programme “Web Bites.”

In my conversation with Kate, we talk about getting financing for the second season, some things to know from the first season, inspiration behind the web-series and the original concept being closer to Stranger Things, plans for the pilot on TV, pitching the film, the cast, and more. You can find that conversation directly below on YouTube.

As well, you can listen to the podcast directly below or go here to download it. If you want to watch Narco Leap, you can stream the web series on Highball.tv, or find the film’s website here


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