Interview: In Conversation with Chloe Carroll and Brittany Snyman about Fear Crypt and Their Short Films “Delicious,” “Ticks” and “Elysia”

Featured image: Chloe Carroll, Olivia Gropp and Brielle Rickards in Delicious. (Courtesy of Chloe Carroll.)

Described on their website as a “a short horror film start-up whose mission is to create innovative short horror film content,” Fear Crypt is a company that dives into our deepest fears. Founded by Chloe Carroll (star of The Honeymoon Phase which I covered on my podcast earlier this year), her mission – and I’m again quoting from the website – is “to take you into an alternate reality and escape your everyday life,” but she really just taps into our nightmare fuel.

After my computer crash and recovering the files, I’m able to share my conversation from some months back as I was joined by Chloe Carroll and her collaborator Brittany Snyman to talk about their work with Fear Crypt. They host their short films on YouTube (which you can find here), and they have about 26 short films (by my count), where they also host short films made by other filmmakers, which they call “Friends of Fear Crypt,” where a grim reaper introduces us to the madness in a logo.

In my conversation with Chloe and Brittany, we talked in general about Fear Crypt near the end of the conversation (as well as what scares us), but we focused on three of their short films, as we talked about Delicious, Ticks and Elysia. Here’s a bit of info on each one, some of the topics we touched on in that conversation, as well as where you can watch that film:

Delicious is about a girl named Scarlet (played by Chloe Carroll, who also produces the film) who invites her friends over for dinner, and her friends find themselves in a strange situation. This short film is directed by Brittany Snyman (who produces as well). In this part of the conversation, we talk about how this short film helped them gain traction after it went viral on TikTok (which has helped garner the short film about 740k views on YouTube), fake blood and charcoal toothpaste, inspiration behind the short and more. The short film can be watched on the Fear Crypt YouTube channel right here.

Chloe Carroll in Fear Crypt’s short film, Ticks. (Courtesy of Chloe Carroll.)

Ticks is a brief short about a couple and their friend who go hiking in the woods, where the single friend (played by Chloe Carroll, who also writes, produces and directs this one) finds herself checking for ticks. Brittany Snyman produces the film and does the FX work here. We talk about claustrophobic tents, the FX in the film, and more. You can watch the YouTube video right here

As for Elysia, that’s a short film about a vampire, Molly (Chloe Carroll, who produces and co-writes with Brittany Snyman) who goes to extreme lengths to fill the void of having a child when her son dies of old age after refusing to be turned. Snyman also produces the film, does the FX and is script supervisor on the project. In our conversation about Elysia, we talk about snake wrangling, working and developing the feature version, and its festival run. The short film Elysia can be viewed here.

As well, find the interview right below on YouTube, or listen to it or download it below in audio form.


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