“The Scary of Sixty-First” Interview | In Conversation with Director and Co-Writer Dasha Nekrasova | The Filmcraziest Show

Featured image: Dasha Nekrasova as Girl in her feature directorial debut, The Scary of Sixty-First. (Courtesy of Route 504 PR.)

Perhaps one of the most bizarre and original films I’ve watched in 2021, The Scary of Sixty-First sounds like your standard horror thriller, as two roommates – Addie (Betsey Brown) and Noelle (co-writer Madeline Quinn) move into an apartment in Manhattan, only to discover it harbors a dark secret. What sets this film apart is that the mystery at hand is that the apartment was owned by Jeffrey Epstein, so the film follows that path in very unique ways.

The Scary of Sixty-First marks Red Scare podcast host’s Dasha Nekrasova’s first film as director, where she also co-writes the film with Madeline Quinn. She also stars as someone aptly named Girl, who meets Noelle, where together they investigate Epstein and the apartment.

I was able to speak with Dasha on my podcast The Filmcraziest Show, where we talked about her choice to film this in 16mm and some of her visual inspirations, what brought her to the director’s chair and how she never wants to direct a film that she’s also starring in, as both of her processes are immersive. There’s a lot more in the conversation, which you can find directly below on YouTube, and you can listen or download the podcast below, as well.

The Scary of Sixty-First is currently playing in New York in select theatres, but is also available on digital formats and On Demand through Vortex Media in Canada.


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