“When I Consume You” Interview | Writer, Director Perry Blackshear | The Filmcraziest Show

I was able to catch the film as part of the Fantasia Film Festival in August. Recently, for my podcast The Filmcraziest Show, I was able to speak with the film's director, writer, editor, cinematographer and more Perry Blackshear, as I was also joined on the podcast by a friend and guest co-host, Arpit Nayak. You can find When I Consume You playing as part of the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival on Monday, Oct. 18 for an in-person screening and you can find that info right here.


“Glasshouse” Fantasia Interview | Director, Co-Writer Kelsey Egan | The Filmcraziest Show

At this past Fantasia Film Festival at the end of August, I was able to watch Kelsey Egan's Glasshouse, a unique sci-fi drama thriller about a family isolated in a glasshouse in the middle of the woods, sheltered away from a toxin outside that erases memory. When a stranger comes across their property, the eldest daughter Bee (Jessica Alexander) let's him in, which goes against their rules and rituals, and threatens their family unit.  You can find my review of the film here. I was also able to speak with Kelsey about her film, which she co-wrote with Emma Lungiswa De Wet. You can find my conversation with Kelsey directly below as we spoke for my podcast The Filmcraziest Show.

“Victim No. 6” Fantasia Interview | Writer, Director Nancy Menagh, and Star Heather Brittain O’Scanlon | The Filmcraziest Show

At this year’s past Fantasia Film Festival, I had the chance to speak with the minds behind the short film Victim No. 6, which premiered as part of the Born of Woman programme. I spoke with the film’s writer, director and producer Nancy Menagh, as well as producer and star Heather Brittain O’Scanlon, who plays Donna in the film.

Fantasia Film Festival Short Film Reviews: Kwêshkosîw (She Whistles), Victim No. 6, Neo Cryptide, 10-33, Ryuk-Sa: A Teaser

Featured image: Sera Lys-McArthur in Kwêshkosîw (She Whistles). (Courtesy of Fantasia.) As the Fantasia Film Festival wrapped up this past Wednesday, August 25, I still have some interviews to post from the festival, as well as a few smaller reviews of some of the short films that I saw at the festival. Those included She … Continue reading Fantasia Film Festival Short Film Reviews: Kwêshkosîw (She Whistles), Victim No. 6, Neo Cryptide, 10-33, Ryuk-Sa: A Teaser

Fantasia Film Festival Review: Hello! Tapir (2021)

Hello! Tapir is exactly the kind-of film that hits me in the emotional feels; one of those kind-of films that use fantasy to deal with our own grief. Films like Bridge to Terabithia come to mind for that, as well as more direct comps in A Monster Calls and I Kill Giants. In this Taiwanese film, a young boy, Ah-Keat (Run Yin-Bai) is told stories by his father, Ah-Sheing. His main tale is about a tapir – a creature with the body of a pig, trunk of an elephant, ears of a horse and feet of a rhinoceros. The tapir is a benevolent creature who passes through villages at night, gobbling up all nightmares.

Fantasia Film Festival Review: Pompo: The Cinéphile (2021)

Here's a review out of Fantasia for the anime film Pompo: The Cinéphile, which is a love letter to the joy of cinema and making films, filled with some great characters.

Fantasia Film Festival Review: Glasshouse (2021)

Here's a review of Kelsey Egan's "Glasshouse," a sci-fi thriller with great world building, performances and dynamics as a stranger disrupts the family unit of a secluded family hiding out in a Glasshouse, avoiding a toxin called The Shred.

Fantasia Film Festival Review: The Righteous (2021)

Mark O’Brien’s The Righteous explores the interesting “hook” of a mysterious stranger coming upon a home. The mysterious stranger is O’Brien’s Aaron Smith (“Original, I know,” says Aaron), who comes upon the property of an elderly couple one night, leg injured. The home is owned by former priest Frederic Mason (Henry Czerny) and his wife Ethel Mason (Mimi Kuzyck), the reason Frederic left the priesthood. Playing with fascinating themes of sin, retribution and penance, Mark O’Brien creates quite the compelling storyline in his feature directorial debut, where he also writes the screenplay.

Fantasia Film Festival Review: Coming Home in the Dark (2021)

Featured image: Daniel Gillies as Mandrake and Tubs in Coming Home in the Dark. (Photo credit: Gold Fish Creative.) Directed by James Ashcroft. Screenplay by James Ashcroft, Eli Kent, based on the short story by Owen Marshall. Starring Daniel Gillies, Erik Thomson, Miriama McDowell. Coming Home in the Dark is currently available to watch On Demand … Continue reading Fantasia Film Festival Review: Coming Home in the Dark (2021)

Fantasia Film Festival Review: Midnight (2021)

Featured image: Wi Ha-Joon as Do Shik in Midnight. (Courtesy of Fantasia.) Directed and written by Kwon Oh-seung. Starring Wi Ha-Joon, Jin Ki-Yoo, Kil Hae-yeon. Runtime 1h 43 min. Midnight had its Canadian Premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival on August 22, 2021. I’m a total sucker for South Korean thrillers, and thrillers in general, especially ones … Continue reading Fantasia Film Festival Review: Midnight (2021)