Review: LX 2048 (2020)

Adam Bird (James D’Arcy) is still getting used to a technologically advanced world. Humans can’t go out normally in the day because the sun is too toxic, but he does go out while wearing a Hazmat suit. He feels like the only human in the world that still lives a regular life, doing his job in the day and interacting with clones – necessary workers because they have augmented pigmentation that protects them from the sun. To make matters worse, Adam learns that he’s dying, so he tries to figure out a way to ensure that his family will be taken care of when he’s gone.


Peep World review

Peep World Release Date: March 25, 2011 Director: Barry W. Blaustein Stars: Michael C. Hall, Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson Runtime: 79 min Tagline: All your family's dirty little secrets. Now a #1 Best Seller. The real attraction of this film for me was that it had a pretty sweet cast, including Michael C. Hall, Rainn Wilson and Sarah Silverman. I … Continue reading Peep World review