Festival Announcement: Reel Love Film Fest, February 10-14

Ah, February. With five days to go until Valentine’s Day, romance is in the air and some of that excitement starts with the first edition of the Reel Love Film Fest, a new virtual film festival featuring romantic films and “dedicated to honoring the future of love on screen” and is founded by festival veterans … Continue reading Festival Announcement: Reel Love Film Fest, February 10-14


Filmcraziest Interviews – Adam Rehmeier, Dinner in America

On this episode of Filmcraziest Interviews, I chat with Adam Rehmeier, the director, writer and editor for the new film Dinner in America, which had its World Premiere at Sundance and has recently won the Audience Award at Nightstream, a virtual genre film festival. The plot: An on-the-lam punk rocker, Simon (Kyle Gallner) and a young woman, Patty (Emily Skeggs) obsessed with his band unexpectedly fall in love and go on an epic journey together through America’s decaying Midwestern suburbs. It also stars Griffin Gluck, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Pat Healy, and others.

Nightstream Review: Dinner in America (2020)

If you’ve ever wanted a movie with the abrasive punk rock attitude of Green Room, or the quirky comedy of films like Napoleon Dynamite, you need to look no further than Dinner in America. Simon as a character is in-your-face, abrasive and offensive, and just everything that’s cool about punk rock. Patty is everything sweet and nice but gets bullied for not being the smartest person. She doesn’t even get bullied at school – she’s a 20-year-old who gets picked on by high schoolers because they’re on the same bus route. She totally seems like a character that could fit in that Napoleon Dynamite world, but she’s totally her own person.

Filmcraziest Interviews: Damien LeVeck for his film The Cleansing Hour

For this interview, I chatted over Zoom with filmmaker Damien LeVeck, the director, writer and editor of the new Shudder original film The Cleansing Hour. The film is about a celebrity priest, Father Max (Ryan Guzman) and his producer Drew (Kyle Gallner), who put on a weekly web show that broadcasts exorcisms live over the … Continue reading Filmcraziest Interviews: Damien LeVeck for his film The Cleansing Hour

Review: The Cleansing Hour (2020)

Based off his short film of the same name (which was a proof-of-concept for this feature), Damien LeVeck’s The Cleansing Hour is a unique beast in exorcism terror. Father Max (Ryan Guzman) is a celebrity priest who hosts a weekly web show that broadcasts exorcisms live on the Internet. These exorcisms, by the way, are a hoax and just make for good entertainment. Max’s best friend and producer Drew (Kyle Gallner) wants to expand the business but Max doesn’t care about that and is just in it for the views. However, on this week’s episode, retribution is coming as on this episode of The Cleansing Hour, the exorcism is very real and they need to figure out the demon’s name to survive the hour.

Nightstream: My Most Anticipated Films at the Festival

A collective online initiative has been launched to create Nightstream, a virtual horror film festival put together by the Boston Underground Film Festival, Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, North Bend Film Festival, the Overlook Film Festival, and Popcorn Frights Film Festival, which will run from October 8-11. The festival is open to U.S. audiences and the screenings will be geo-locked to the United States (there are events being put on by the festival that will available worldwide, as well). The festival is packed with a mix of horror, fantasy, science fiction, vanguard and underground films, with over 40 feature films to choose from, over 20 panels and events, as well as 20 short film programmes composed of over 160+ shorts, all curated by the different festivals involved in this initiative.

Red State (2011)

Released: September 29, 2011. Directed by: Kevin Smith. Starring: Michael Parks, Melissa Leo, John Goodman. Runtime: 88 min. I must give respect writer/director Kevin Smith for giving us something we haven't seen from him before. There's only one laugh in the entire movie. It's a nice change of pace for him, but not a great … Continue reading Red State (2011)