“Cabin Connection” Interview | Stars Katherine Barrell, Cody Ray Thompson | The Filmcraziest Show

For my podcast The Filmcraziest Show, I was able to speak with the film’s stars Katherine Barrell and Cody Ray Thompson about their work in Cabin Connection. We talked about Cody not actually being in Bad News Bears, Kat and Cody working together in a film before and then working together here, what they related to most about their characters, their favourite movie occupations they’ve played, believable conflict, and #CabinEarpers.


“It Takes a Christmas Village” Interview | Star Brooke Nevin, Star/Director Corey Sevier | The Filmcraziest Show

Here I spoke with actors Brooke Nevin and Corey Sevier (who also directs the film) about their work on the new Christmas romance film, "It Takes a Christmas Village," where Brooke Nevin plays a Mayor who plans a last-minute Christmas market to help the small shops in town. Coming to Super Channel on Dec. 1, with a limited, one-night only theatrical run tonight, Nov. 29.

Fantasia Film Festival Review: The Slug (2021)

When Chun-hee is struck by lightning, she wakes up, stunned; and soon discovers that she is being visited by herself from when she was a kid, the same age as when she first lost her parents. In one of the film's tenderest aspects, this version of the character is called Chun-hee's Childhood (played by Park Hye Jin). Moments of flashbacks are shown throughout the script, as we get further insight to the character of Chun-hee.l

Interview: Tony Ahedo, writer, producer and director of “Icon” (The Filmcraziest Show)

Icon is a coming-of-age drama about skateboarder Sam (Parker Padgett), who is struggling with potentially becoming a father with girlfriend Ana (Devon Hales), and he takes a look into himself and his icons that have defined his life. I was able to chat with the writer, director, producer and editor of the film, Tony Ahedo, about his feature debut ICON, where we chat about how personal this story is to him, the visuals in the flashback scenes, and much more.

The Filmcraziest Show – Jeremy Gardner, “After Midnight” (Podcast Interview)

On this episode of The Filmcraziest Show, I talked with Jeremy Gardner (pictured in the featured image), the co-director, writer and star of After Midnight (a new Shudder Exclusive). We discuss stories in bartending and the “bar mat shot,” getting Brea Grant for the film and auditions, growing as a filmmaker since his first film The Battery, collaborating with Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, the film’s original title, karaoke and the perfect mix-tape song, framing shots, as well as creature design and Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight and Todd Masters.

Reel Love Film Fest Review: Funny Face (2021)

REEL LOVE FILM FEST review. Funny Face is a bizarre film, one that truly cannot be put in one genre. It’s anarchic and brings the drama in its character study of one of its main characters Saul (Cosmo Jarvis) and brings the crime in Saul donning a mask and wanting vengeance against The Developer (Jonny Lee Miller) who is demolishing Saul’s grandparents’ home to turn it into a parking lot. FUNNY FACE is worth the watch for the two central performances and score; but you'll have to be patient through the hollow moments.

Shudder Review: After Midnight (2021)

Directed by: Jeremy Gardner, Christian Stella. Starring: Jeremy Gardner, Brea Grant, Henry Zebrowski. Runtime: 1h 23 min. Mild spoilers follow. After a decade-long storybook romance for Hank (Jeremy Gardner) and Abby (Brea Grant) in small-town Florida, Abby disappears in the middle of the night leaving a cryptic note saying she’s going away for awhile. Hank … Continue reading Shudder Review: After Midnight (2021)

Festival Announcement: Reel Love Film Fest, February 10-14

Ah, February. With five days to go until Valentine’s Day, romance is in the air and some of that excitement starts with the first edition of the Reel Love Film Fest, a new virtual film festival featuring romantic films and “dedicated to honoring the future of love on screen” and is founded by festival veterans … Continue reading Festival Announcement: Reel Love Film Fest, February 10-14

The Filmcraziest Show – Interview with Adam Stovall and MacLeod Andrews, “A Ghost Waits”

Now, I’ve called my podcast Filmcraziest Interviews in the past but this is the first version of my podcast with the new name The Filmcraziest Show, which will officially be its new name soon, though there will still be old episodes still to be posted where I still refer to it as Filmcraziest Interviews. Anyway, on this episode I am joined by writer and director Adam Stovall, as well as actor and co-writer MacLeod Andrews, to discuss their new film A Ghost Waits.

Popcorn Frights Reviews – A Ghost Waits (2020)

Directed by: Adam Stovall. Starring: MacLeod Andrews, Natalie Walker, Sydney Vollmer. Runtime: 1h 20 min. Released: This film is currently playing as a part of Popcorn Frights' Wicked Weekend. In the unconventional love story A Ghost Waits, Jack (MacLeod Andrews) is a handyman tasked with fixing up a house before the new tenants can move … Continue reading Popcorn Frights Reviews – A Ghost Waits (2020)