Nightstream Review: The Greenhouse (2021)

The Greenhouse is mostly a lovely drama with sci-fi elements, and some thrills thrown into the third act for good measure. In the film, daughter Beth (Jane Watt) is still grieving over the loss of one of her mothers; toughest for her since she was the one who stayed back in town with them. When her siblings reunite for their mom Ruth’s (Camilla Ah Kin) birthday, Beth also finds the titular greenhouse, an alternate world that let’s her watch old memories and see her late mom.


“Glasshouse” Fantasia Interview | Director, Co-Writer Kelsey Egan | The Filmcraziest Show

At this past Fantasia Film Festival at the end of August, I was able to watch Kelsey Egan's Glasshouse, a unique sci-fi drama thriller about a family isolated in a glasshouse in the middle of the woods, sheltered away from a toxin outside that erases memory. When a stranger comes across their property, the eldest daughter Bee (Jessica Alexander) let's him in, which goes against their rules and rituals, and threatens their family unit.  You can find my review of the film here. I was also able to speak with Kelsey about her film, which she co-wrote with Emma Lungiswa De Wet. You can find my conversation with Kelsey directly below as we spoke for my podcast The Filmcraziest Show.

Fantasia Film Festival Review: Glasshouse (2021)

Here's a review of Kelsey Egan's "Glasshouse," a sci-fi thriller with great world building, performances and dynamics as a stranger disrupts the family unit of a secluded family hiding out in a Glasshouse, avoiding a toxin called The Shred.

Fantasia Film Review: Tokyo Revengers (2021)

One of my favourites of the Fantasia Film Festival so far, TOKYO REVENGERS brings the action, time travel, but also a surprising amount of heart that made me totally love it.

Fantasia Film Festival Review: Tin Can (2021)

The structure works, as we learn information the same time as our main character Fret, or at least as to what’s happening outside her can. Smith’s horror is at its most effective when we’re hearing visceral screams and just imagining what’s happening. It’s impressive what he can do with visuals and lighting, too, where one of the film’s most chilling moments is simply an old man smiling at us through his grated window, prophesizing.

Fantasia Film Festival Review: Ultrasound (2021)

Review of the sci-fi film "Ultrasound" out of @Fantasia which just had its International Premiere tonight. A sci-fi film with a lot of mystery that intrigues from its opening scene and only gets better as we start to get answers.

PRE-ORDER: Collector’s Edition UHD + Blu-Ray Release of “Prospect” from Gunpowder & Sky’s DUST

Available to own on May 28 at, the science fiction film Prospect, a 2018 film that has become a cult hit since release, is getting a special Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray (now available for pre-order). The synopsis: A teenage girl (Sophie Thatcher) and her father (Jay Duplass) travel to a remote alien moon, aiming to … Continue reading PRE-ORDER: Collector’s Edition UHD + Blu-Ray Release of “Prospect” from Gunpowder & Sky’s DUST

CONTEST: Giveaway of a DVD of “The Honeymoon Phase”

I’m doing something a bit different today and hosting a DVD giveaway for The Honeymoon Phase, which is a sci-fi thriller about a newlywed couple who are offered $50,000 to stay in a house together for 30 days. Obviously, it goes terribly wrong, as the film blends science fiction, thriller, and a bit of horror. It’s directed by Phillip G. Carroll Jr. in his directorial debut, and stars Chloe Carroll, Jim Schubin, and François Chau. The special features on the DVD include bloopers, deleted scenes, a making of and featurettes, too. 

Cleveland International Film Festival Review: I Am (2021, Short)

I Am is a new short film from director Jerry Hoffman and writer Florens Huhn, the film follows the withdrawn Noé (Sheri Hagan), a woman who suffers from constant night terrors. On one of her morning walks, she finds a woman in the forest and takes her home. This woman, Ela (Melodie Wakivuamina), also happens to be an android. Noé takes her home and reactivates her, beginning a strange relationship which eventually gets a bit stranger as Ela starts to copy Noé, as the short film becomes an a unique tale about a robot and a woman.

Review: Cosmic Sin (2021)

Set in the year 2524, where the galaxy is separated into three main colonies (Earth, Zafdie and Ellora), Cosmic Sins starts when a colonist makes first contact with a new alien civilization. Fearing the worst after the aliens make their way back to Earth as stowaways, a ragtag team of soldiers – including disgraced soldier James Ford (Bruce Willis) – go to the planet Ellora to stop an interstellar war before it starts.