“The Last Thing Mary Saw” Interview | Director, Writer Edoardo Vitaletti | The Filmcraziest Show

Featured Image :Stefanie Scott in The Last Thing Mary Saw. (Photo Credit: Shudder.) The 1800s and horror are just such a great mix. Really, any film that’s horror but also a period piece is such an opportunity to utilize some of the underappreciated aspects of horror films; like showcasing great production design (by Charlie Chaspooley … Continue reading “The Last Thing Mary Saw” Interview | Director, Writer Edoardo Vitaletti | The Filmcraziest Show


“Kandisha” Interview with co-directors and co-writers Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury

I was able to speak with the co-writing and co-directing team of Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury over Zoom in time for the release of Kandisha on Shudder on July 22. We talk about the background of the film and incorporating the legend of Kandisha, the different looks to Kandisha, as well as if they ever feel guilty about killing their characters. Spoilers, they don’t feel guilty – as Alexandre speaks about their shared love for villains. They also talk a bit about Leatherface and the film they wanted to make, as well as their collaboration together as directors, and to be two.

Review Re-post Round-up: Fried Barry, The Paper Tigers, Undergods

Here are some re-posted reviews of some new releases this weekend:

The bonkers experimental sci-fi film FRIED BARRY, a Kung Fu story with a lot of heart in THE PAPER TIGERS, and an interestingly bizarre anthology from Chino Moya called UNDERGODS.

Shudder Review: Boys from County Hell (2021)

BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL, now streaming on Shudder, is a fun vampire film that doesn't completely bring the belly laughs, but it makes up for it with great horror and interesting characters as they're stalked by an ancient Irish vampire.

Interview: Director and co-writer Elza Kephart for the Shudder Original “Slaxx” (The Filmcraziest Show)

Slaxx is a new horror film about a pair of killer jeans that attacks a Canadian clothing store on the night before a big sale. Reading that synopsis, you’ve likely already decided if that’s the kind-of film for you – and if it is, it’s a real treat as it blends great gore FX, comedy and commentary on the retail industry into a compact 77-minute runtime. I was able to chat with director and co-writer Elza Kephart about her film, where we get into the concept of it, gore, VFX, jeans puppetry and much more.

Trailer: Shudder Exclusive “Boys from County Hell”

Here's a film I've been looking forward to watching since I came across it at last year's Nightstream Film Festival in October, and last week the trailer for Boys from County Hell  was released. The film, premiering on Shudder as a Shudder Exclusive in the U.S. and Canada on April 22, is set in Ireland. Strange … Continue reading Trailer: Shudder Exclusive “Boys from County Hell”

Interview: Michael Abbott Jr. for The Dark and the Wicked (The Filmcraziest Show – Podcast, video, written transcript)

Here's a written interview transcript of a conversation I had with Michael Abbott Jr., who plays Michael in the new Shudder Exclusive film THE DARK AND THE WICKED. I've also included the podcast audio of the conversation, as well as the YouTube video of the conversation.

Shudder Review: Shook (2021)

In the latest social media satire, the Shudder Original, Shook, it features fitting use of the title. After a social media influencer, Genelle (played by real-life influencer Genelle Seldon) is murdered in the opening scene by a serial killer, our main character Mia (Daisye Tutor), in reaction to the news says, deadpan to her livestream, “I’m shook.”

She then monologues that this is a time for selfless acts, so she’s going to babysit Chico, a dog owned by her sister Nicole (Emily Goss), instead of going to a livestream with her friends. These bits of satire are solid, and some are funny – especially the opening scene when Mia and Genelle are being photographed on the red carpet for their followers, only for it to be revealed they’re on a makeshift red carpet against a plain building in an empty parking lot.