TIFF 2021 Review: “Montana Story”

Besides the characters themselves, this film might as well be a tourism advertisement for the beauty of Montana. Giles Nuttgens’ cinematography is gorgeous, highlighting the landscapes, and it looks beautiful even in simple scenes of Erin riding a horse, Mr. T, with landscapes in the background. The cinematography here definitely has put Montana on my bucket list. The film’s great score complements these visuals so beautifully, too, and some scenes had me in awe.


Review: Minor Premise (2020)

In Minor Premise, a reclusive neuroscientist, Ethan Kochar (Sathya Sridharan), tries to surpass his brilliant father’s legacy by continuing an experiment that deals with memory and attempts to understand the brain, using a machine called the R10 that Ethan is perfecting for a university study. Doing so, he becomes entangled in his own experiment where he inadvertently separates his consciousness into 10 fragments that are pitted against each other.