Nighstream Film Festival Recap

With the first edition of the Nightstream Virtual Film Festival winding down, many of the events are still available on-demand until tomorrow, Oct. 14, and the same can be said for many of the festival’s on-demand titles, too! You can find those tickets and films still available here. I wanted to do a link round-up post for the films I was able to watch at this year’s Nightstream that are still available on demand, as well as some of the same films that are playing at Nightstream that I caught at Fantasia in August, and some of the short films that are playing at this year’s festival, as well, and the ones I’m highlighting will have played at Fantasia.


Filmcraziest Interviews – Ben and Jacob Burghart on their short film Suspense

On this episode of Filmcraziest Interviews, I’m joined by writing and directing brothers Ben and Jacob Burghart, whose short film Suspense (my review here) recently premiered at Fantasia Film Festival with The Block Island Sound. The film stars Jelani Talib and Robert Coppage III and is written and directed by Ben and Jacob Burghart. It follows an army pilot who finds himself suspended from a canopy of trees above the forest floor by his parachute. After contacting his co-pilot, they realize there’s something stalking them in the dark.

Fantasia 2020 Short Films – Suspense, Laura Hasn’t Slept, Peter the Penguin and Don’t Text Back

Reviews of different short films that premiered with features at Fantasia Film Festival, including Ben and Jacob Burghart’s “Suspense” (pictured), Parker Finn’s “Laura Hasn’t Slept,” Andrew Rutter’s “Peter the Penguin” and Kaye Adelaide and Mariel Sharp’s “Don’t Text Back.”

Aftershock (2013)

Released: May 10, 2013. Directed by: Nicolás López. Starring: Eli Roth, Ariel Levy, Nicolás Martínez. Runtime: 89 min. Aftershock is a Spanish-American film directed and co-written by Nicolás López, written with Guillermo Amoedo and Eli Roth. I'm curious to know which writers handled which aspect of the film. The movie is a disaster flick, a commentary on the ugliness … Continue reading Aftershock (2013)

Red State (2011)

Released: September 29, 2011. Directed by: Kevin Smith. Starring: Michael Parks, Melissa Leo, John Goodman. Runtime: 88 min. I must give respect writer/director Kevin Smith for giving us something we haven't seen from him before. There's only one laugh in the entire movie. It's a nice change of pace for him, but not a great … Continue reading Red State (2011)

Flight (2012) Review

Flight Release Date: November 2, 2012 Director: Robert Zemeckis Stars: Denzel Washington, Kelly Reilly, Don Cheadle Runtime: 138 min Finally, Robert Zemeckis has returned, after twelve years, to directing real people (at least he didn't generally disappear from the directing game like James Cameron did for twelve freaking years). Zemeckis' last live-action film was 2000's … Continue reading Flight (2012) Review

Rear Window – A Film Review by Daniel Prinn – Pure entertainment!

  Rear Window Release Date: August 1, 1954 Director: Alfred Hitchcock Stars: James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey Runtime: 112 min Tagline: Through his rear window and the eye of his powerful camera he watched a great city tell on itself, expose its cheating ways...and Murder!   Alfred Hitchcock is a really great filmmaker, making … Continue reading Rear Window – A Film Review by Daniel Prinn – Pure entertainment!

The Birds – A Film Review by Daniel Prinn – Ahhhh, scary birds!

The Birds Release Date: May 30, 1963 Director: Alfred Hitchcock Stars: Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren, Suzanne Pleshette Runtime: 119 min Tagline: Suspense and shock beyond anything you have seen or imagined! It’s a pretty good Hitchcock horror/suspense film. A wealthy San Francisco woman follows a potential boyfriend to a small North Californian town where things soon start … Continue reading The Birds – A Film Review by Daniel Prinn – Ahhhh, scary birds!

Rope – A Film Review by Daniel Prinn – A good Hitchcock flick

Rope Release Date: August 23, 1948 Director: Alfred Hitchcock Stars: James Stewart, John Dall, Farley Granger Runtime: 80 min Tagline: Nothing ever held you like Alfred Hitchcock's Rope. It's a pretty sweet film. Brandon (John Dall) and Phillip (Farley Granger) are two young men who have always wondered what it would be like to kill someone. … Continue reading Rope – A Film Review by Daniel Prinn – A good Hitchcock flick

Marnie – A Film review by Daniel Prinn — I think I used the words ‘interesting’ and ‘fascinating’ a bit too much here..

Marnie Release Date: July 22, 1964 Director: Alfred Hitchcock Stars: Tippi Hedren, Sean Connery, Diane Baker Runtime: 130 min Tagline: From Alfred Hitchcock with sex and suspense. I guess Hitchcock liked watching Hedren get attacked by birds so much, he just had to cast her in another flick. It’s a good decision though, as she’s a … Continue reading Marnie – A Film review by Daniel Prinn — I think I used the words ‘interesting’ and ‘fascinating’ a bit too much here..