“Kandisha” Interview with co-directors and co-writers Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury

I was able to speak with the co-writing and co-directing team of Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury over Zoom in time for the release of Kandisha on Shudder on July 22. We talk about the background of the film and incorporating the legend of Kandisha, the different looks to Kandisha, as well as if they ever feel guilty about killing their characters. Spoilers, they don’t feel guilty – as Alexandre speaks about their shared love for villains. They also talk a bit about Leatherface and the film they wanted to make, as well as their collaboration together as directors, and to be two.


“Queen of Spades” Interview | Actress Ava Preston | The Filmcraziest Show

Featured image: Ava Preston as Anna, and Krista Marchand as the Queen in Queen of Spades. (Courtesy of Fons PR.) Queen of Spades is a new horror film that was actually filmed in Ottawa, Canada, my hometown. The film, a remake of a 2015 Russian horror film, Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite, follows the character … Continue reading “Queen of Spades” Interview | Actress Ava Preston | The Filmcraziest Show

Review: The Mark of the Bell Witch (2020)

Seth Breedlove’s latest doc, The Mark of the Bell Witch, for his production company Small Town Monsters, which documents strange occurrences in America, shows it isn’t only limited to Bigfoot or Mothmen. Here, the 200-year-old mystery of the Bell Witch, who haunted the Bell family in Tennessee in the early 1800’s (a significant event in this story took place on December 20, 1820, making this film released 200 years later nearly to the day). The Bell family lived in Adams, Tennessee, and for five years were haunted by an apparition hellbent on destroying their lives, leaving death in its. This film aims to analyze the truth about what happened.