My Oscar Predictions (Part 1, Best Picture, Best Supporting Categories and more)

I figured I’d add to the Oscars discourse with my predictions, as I made these predictions on the Extra Features Podcast on April 11, and these are my predictions from then. These are just my thoughts on every category for the big night, and, to let you know, the images in the article won't always align to what I picked for that specific category. As well, this will be the first part of two articles where I cover 15 of the 23 categories in this first part, including International Film, Best Animated Film, Best Picture, the Supporting Categories, Directing, Production Design, and more... 


Interview with the Sound Team Behind “Greyhound”

Greyhound is an exciting WWII actioner picking up months after the Americans joined World War II. It follows Captain Krause (Tom Hanks), a U.S. Navy Commander who is on his first commanding mission as he leads a convoy of ships through the Black Pit during the Battle of the Atlantic, trying to get troops safely … Continue reading Interview with the Sound Team Behind “Greyhound”

My Experience Drawing in an Animation Workshop for “Wolfwalkers”

For a different kind-of article, I was able to take part in an animation workshop for the film WOLFWALKERS. I've included some coverage of the event in the form of quotes and interesting tidbits, as well as my experience trying to follow along in the tutorial and how my own drawings turned out (like the one seen in the featured image).