“The Letters” Interview | Director, Writer Robbie Walsh | The Filmcraziest Show

Featured image: Mary Murray and John Connors in The Letters. (Courtesy of Robbie Walsh.)

Robbie Walsh’s The Letters is set to the backdrop of the Cervical Check scandal in Ireland, inspired by true events (but not based on anything directly). His film follows three women from different walks of life – Cliona (Sarah Carroll), Mary (Kathleen Warner Yeates) and Sam (Mary Murray) – who each have weeks to live once they learn about their cervical cancer diagnoses.

One great thing about the The Letters, besides being a compelling and emotional drama, is the fact that it smartly sheds light on this Cervical Check scandal, which I hadn’t heard about before watching this film. It’s tragic knowing what these women were robbed of because they weren’t told about their diagnoses after the mistake was made. Walsh’s script helps beautifully humanize the tragedy. Walsh is also the film’s director, producer, cinematographer, and he also plays a role in the film.

For this episode of my podcast The Filmcraziest Show – and the first episode of 2022 – I was able to speak with Robbie about his film. You can watch the interview below on YouTube, or download or listen to the episode below. You can find Robbie on his Instagram at @rbwlsh and can be found on Twitter here.


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